Committed to Excellence. We Will Exceed Your Expectations.
"Our success is assured when we work well with your people to solve problems, create solutions that fit, yield long-lasting results, and improve your group's performance. This is just what we've been doing since 1983... it's what our clients have grown to expect from us. They're not disappointed. Lenape is committed to excellence. We will exceed your expectations."
Jim Spaulding, Founder

Why Choose Lenape Associates, Inc.?

Competition is now worldwide.  That means your company must provide skills and solutions that are quickly implemented; cost efficient and on the leading edge of technology.   You’re looking for dedication, integrity and talent; the three qualities we pride ourselves on.

Lenape Associates, Inc. knows what it takes to provide the talented technical solutions to the complex problems faced by today’s companies and the people who know how to get the job done – on time and in budget.

With programs and team players with expert knowledge and proven experience, our people fulfill the demanding jobs in research and database environments for Research, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Chemicals, Transportation, Finance and Government.

We provide customer driven-customized project solutions and people that add value to the operations of leading companies.

  • Expert technical solutions
  • Talented knowledgeable people
  • Added value to your operations
  • Cost Effective - On time and In Budget

Give us a try.   We are committed to our excellence and your success!  We will exceed your expectations.



Lenape Associates, Inc.
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